Graffiti Removal

The Problem

When vandalism occurs in the form of graffiti, it can drive visitors and customers away by making the environment seem insecure. Property values also suffer if the vandalism is left unaddressed. Many cities have ordinances that require prompt removal of graffiti by the business owners, and failure to do so may result in fines. The solution is prompt action!

The Solution

We can monitor your property, or simply respond to a call from you at a moment’s notice. We will match the appropriate method of removal to the surface that it is on, and to your budget. If you are in an area that is frequently target by vandalism, we can be on call to fix it as soon as it happens. In order to expedite the process, we always take before and after pictures of our work, so we can provide these to you for insurance purposes.


We can also work with you on graffiti prevention. Installing lights or cameras in areas that are most frequently targets may eliminate the crime from occurring. We would love to help you fix and prevent this vandalism that is negatively affecting your business!